Our Studio

Play Studios is an e-commerce photo studio located in the heart of Manhattan's garment district. Unlike other studios, our turnkey space comes with three fullly-equipped systems designed to make shooting flat lay, ghost mannequin, and on-model imagery easier than over.

Our studio features the same automated systems used in-house by many large retailers. These systems automate the photography process, allowing you to save time and money. When you rent our studio, you have access to all three of our systems, each of which feature built-in LED lighting, Canon cameras, and easy-to-use iPad controls. No need to rent additional equipment or book a photographer. It's all included.

Please note our On-Model system is only available for studio rentals. Clients interested in flat-lay or ghost mannequin images also have the option of using our full-service offering.


Check out our three playspaces below:

Flat Lay

Ghost Mannequin